Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Lady Gaga is a Genius while Katy Perry is a Twit

Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to a video awards show; Katy Perry wore a bustier on a children’s show. Why is one a brilliant and the other a fool?

Simple, while both seeking attention, Gaga chose to do so at an adult forum where artists are encouraged to push boundaries, express themselves limitlessly, and walk the precarious tight rope on the cutting edge.  She shocked at a venue where rock stars are supposed to shock (not that I don’t find the dress disgusting, but I’m putting that fact aside for this).

Perry, on the other hand, chose a children’s show at which to be brazen. What was her objective- to titillate a 3-year-old muppet? Or was it done for the dads watching at home? More than likely, it was the knowledge that anything she records will make the annals of YouTube or other Internet broadcast video sites, and she does not have the confidence in her talents to perform without selling sex.

A show of confidence vs. a show of insecurity.  And although both were showing off flesh, only one made herself the piece of meat.

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